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Matthew Feargrieve News & Publications

Here you can find the latest articles, blogs and contributions to investment publications by Matthew Feargrieve.

This page additionally contains links to Matthew's personal news updates and his latest scheduled attendance and/or speaking engagements at financial and investing conferences and events.


What does Biden mean for my Investments? 

Blog, 27.11.2020

​As Joe Biden takes the presidential reins from Donald Trump, MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE considers the implications of a Biden presidency for your investment portfolio and what action investors should be taking.​


Lessons from Japan: Life in a Low-growth Environment

​Blog, 01.12.2020

MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE explains how Japan has learned to live with the aftermath of the 1990s market crash, and considers the lessons that the West must learn from Japan in order to survive in a post-Covid global economy.​ 


Are Bitcoin and Gold the Safe Haven Assets for 2021?

Blog, 20.12.2020

MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE considers whether conditions are set for Bitcoin and Gold to enter into a lasting symbiotic relationship to attract flight capital and increased mainstream investment in 2021.​


Don't save in 2021; Invest!

Blog, 20.12.2020

With interest rates falling to zero, and stock markets on the rebound, now is the time to invest in mutual funds, says investment management consultant MATTHEW FEARGRIEVE.​


News Item​

Matthew Feargrieve will attend ALFI European Asset Management Conference 16-19 March 2021

​ALFI European Asset Management Conference is the annual forum where the European asset management community, including investors and fund managers, analyses and debates matters relevant to the investment funds industry.


News Item​

Matthew Feargrieve lecturer on M.Sc. in Air Transport Management Program at Istanbul Technical University Aviation Institute (IST Istanbul).

​Istanbul Technical University founded the Aviation Institute, and the M.Sc. in Air Transport Management Program to educate young aviation professionals on their road to becoming the future executives and managers of the airlines and MROs within the region.

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