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Investment Management Consultant

​Matthew Feargrieve is an asset management and financial services professional who has supported investment professionals and users of financial products for more than twenty years.


Matthew Feargrieve occupies an uncommon position in the world of finance and investments, insofar as his expertise and experience enables him to empathise with and appreciate the viewpoint, concerns and priorities of finance professionals and their customers. 


Feargrieve is accordingly able throughout the lifecycle of a product to establish a running correlation and dynamic nexus between the commercial objectives of the product's promoters and managers on the one hand and the consumer at the end of the contractual chain.


This website showcases, through a series of regularly updated blog posts, Matthew's empathy with and understanding of commercial counterparties on both the buy and sell side of a range of trades and financial instruments These include retail investment products like mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and investment trusts (like OEICs), as well as more bespoke investment vehicles that have been established to pursue alternative investing strategies.

Feargrieve has a keen professional interest in personal financial and retirement planning, and regularly writes articles or the readers of investment and financial subscriptions and journals. He publishes an online investing blog that is popular with savers and ordinary investors, which is available on this website.


He is approached by promoters, distributors and users of a wide array of investment products such as ISAs and retirement plans who seek his appraisal of or commentary on the suitability of such products. He has established a reputation in the world of portfolio management for his ability to explain the attractions and limitations of investment products in plain English for professionals and consumers alike.

When he is not assessing financial products and reviewing them in his personal finance blog, Matthew is busy advising investment professionals on technical and operational aspects of their investment funds and related products. These matters range from country of registration choice, to fund vehicle structuring considerations, through to liquidity management, promotion to investors and capital return and liquidation.

Matthew Feargrieve acts in the capacity of non-executive director on the boards of investment funds, and is a valued bulwark against investment drift and other human factors that can impair relations between management teams and their investor base. He has frequently been asked to comment and provide insights and analysis into fund failures, notably the 2020 liquidation of the Woodford Equity Income Fund, the UCITS product managed by Neil Woodford.


Feargrieve has formulated attendant commentary on and guidelines for financial regulators in conjunction with problem funds, including the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.    

Investors in collective investment vehicles and the various kinds of structured investment products frequently benefit from Feargrieve's extensive experience in  matters such as subscriptions and redemptions, share class selection, side letters and relations - including disputes - with the fund's manager or general partner.

When not working with investment professionals, Matthew contributes his experienced views and thought-leadership to the investment management industry's news, journals and periodicals. He is regularly invited to write and speak about financial services and investment management, both here in the United Kingdom and internationally, including key financial centres like Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands.

You can read the Matthew Feargrieve Financial Services and Personal Finance blog by clicking here and here. You can also watch his introductory video here and his how-to-invest instructional videos here.

Matthew Feargrieve is a regular guest speaker at financial and investment conferences and events, commenting and moderating discussion on financial services and investment management. You can see Matthew's scheduled event and conference engagements by clicking the News tab here.   


You can contact Matthew Feargrieve at using the email contact form here.

Matthew Feargrieve investment management consultant
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